Advising for Businesses & Organizations

Problem: Small businesses typically can’t afford to hire consultants, but often a simple visual, or the slightest tweak in a process can speed up work flow -or open up communication between your customers and employees. Every endeavor can benefit from an innovative, unbiased, third party perspective from someone with a heart for truly listening.

Solution: When you hire me, I make it my mission to find efficient, cost-effective visual and communication strategies to help your project really thrive. I’m a student of design thinking, and I follow Edward Schein’s approach of “Humble Consultaning”; this organization is your baby, and you understand it best. Together we will discover the cause of the obstacles you are facing and work to resolve them.

Implementation: Change can be hard. Once a plan of action is decided on, I can help make your goals easier to implement. One of my gifts is the ability to foresee potential difficulty and proactively devise countermeasures. Want to create a work environment and that encourages your employees to innovate from within? Depending on the situation, I can offer coaching/training services for employees, or create visuals that communicate your message to team members or customers. The goal is to pave the path so smoothly that it’s easier to follow the organization’s goals than it is to ignore them.


Personal Coaching

Who would like to be coached by someone who has never struggled a day in their life? Could someone that perfect relate to you? Choose someone who has gone through many of the same struggles you have but are overcoming or working within the limitations of their struggles who can help walk you through your journey of structuring your life to fit your reality, rather than the other way around!

I specialize in finding visual solutions for families as well as individuals who struggle with executive function and attention span. These systems can be just as useful for a typical person who wants to create lasting change as it is for someone with special needs. By adapting the environment and learning to work with (rather than against) one’s own mind, a smooth path is created, leading you naturally toward your personal goals.

My coaching philosophy is to gently suggest, never to intimidate or command. I walk my clients through the process of discovering creative solutions of their own, through the prompts and asking relevant questions, and I find joy in teaching that process. My goal is that you will learn skills that continue to benefit you throughout your life.

*Coaching and Advising services from Janina Glass are an exceptional value, available at a flat rate of $50/hour. $250 Small Business Consultation package includes study and synopsis off-site as well as 2 hours of coaching. Prices current as of August 2020.